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Экскурсия "Подземные дворцы московского метрополитена"

Designed by the Soviet Government, the Moscow Metro was built to impress, and truly serves this purpose today. Visit the “underground palaces for the people” and admire the huge Byzantine mosaics, life-size bronze statues, stained glass panels, frescos and all sorts of marble, granite and other varieties of decorative stones. 

The duration of the Moscow Metro tour is between 1 hour and 2 hours, depending on the number of stations to be viewed. Explore and enjoy the fascinating Moscow Metro stations, both old and new, while making a connection between the sights! As a way of transportation, the Moscow Metro is unbeatable in its efficiency, that’s why I often suggest going by metro from place to place with private Moscow guide and having a tour at the same time!

All our Moscow tours are really private. Languages: English, German.